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Are you limited by opt-ins?

Signed consent

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


Already before the latest data privacy regulations had been released, an effective opt-in has always been key for any customer communication if not engagement campaign. GDPR now forces us to take it even more seriously.

Actually, opt-ins are the bottleneck for any multi- or omni-channel campaign. Without having an adequate customer’s opt-ins place, eg. by your target physicians, your digital or non-digital campaign is born to fail.

So, do you know the quantity and quality of your opt-ins? What is your opt-in rate? What did your customers actually opt-in for? Does your opt-ins management comply with GDPR regulations?

It might be vital having answers to those questions before initiating any customer communication activity.

I dare to say that poor opt-ins are painful road-blockers for your digital campaigns, where smart opt-ins at high rates (of e.g. at least 80%) are an effective enabler for your digital customer engagement.

You should not start building a boat as long as you are not sure that there is enough water in the lake.