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Blogs are made for wasting time

What a pinhead! In his decent life’s first blogpost he is putting forward the opinion that blogs are useless and stealing time. Well, let’s say, I am so far really not convinced, that blogs are more than an additional feed of the World Wide Waste information overload. Just verbal masturbation for autistic nerds and “virtual citizens” without any true voice in the real life.
But I would like to claim to be fair-minded. And the best way to find out if I am right or wrong is to blog myself. So, from today on I promise to a) read blogs (and see if this really is a waste) and b) to blog myself a bit … and curiously see what happens.
I will contribute the best I have, which in fact is some knowledge. Knowledge on life science technologies, on pharmaceutical and biotech industries, on professional information research and analysis, and on sharing knowledge via online media … as well as some humble personal views and opinions.

BTW, please indulgently overlook that I am no native English speaker (may the LEO be with me!). I even will feel free to publish posts in German language when it suits me or the good cause.

So, to cut a long story short, I am looking forward to explore the world of blogging. And thanks a lot to you, dear first reader, for being well-disposed.
Christian Velten (TrapperPhD)