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About self-perception

An almost real story

Recently, I was sitting in in my new family doctor’s waiting room.

A copy of his license to practice was hanging at the wall, showing his full name. The name instantly reminded me of a former classmate, at those times, 20 years ago, a rather wiry and long-haired guy.

But when I met the doc, I immediately dismissed the thought. This well-fed, grey-haired man with his knobbly nose was far too old for haven been in my school class.

Nevertheless, after the examination I asked him, if he eventually visited the same school as I. “Yes”, he told me. So, I continued “Which year did you graduate from high-school?” He answered “1987! Why?” “Well, you have been in my class”, I replied. He attentively looked at me … finally asking: “And which subject did you teach?”


based on “Leicht versch├Ątzt” by Peter Kottlorz