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  • SoCalBio’s 3rd Digital Health Conference to Showcase Big-Data Analytics
    L.A. Area Firms Will Debut Latest Digital Innovations for Transforming Healthcare
  • How Healthcare Organizations can Adapt to Data Challenges in 2020
    Organizational leaders must work together to find better ways to use data to overcome the most pressing issues that affect public health outcomes. Big data technology is revolutionizing the medical field. However, with progress comes challenges. Nearly 25% of all American consumers will own a wearable health device by the year 2020, according to a survey con […]
    Andrew Deen
  • A step towards equitable clinical trial recruitment: a protocol for the development and preliminary testing of an online prostate cancer health information and clinical trial matching tool
    Recruitment of a diverse participant pool to cancer clinical trials is an essential component of clinical research as it improves the generalizability of findings. Investigating and piloting novel recruitment ...
    Hala T. Borno, Brian M. Bakke, Celia Kaplan, Anke Hebig-Prophet, Jessica Chao, Yoon-Ji Kim, Jan Yeager, Pelin Cinar, Eric Small, Christy Boscardin and Ralph Gonzales
  • Say No to Healthcare Fraud, Waste, and Abuse with Big Data
    The healthcare industry has undergone major transformations over the past few years and has adopted numerous new techniques - remote patient care, online health records, and data-driven care, to name a few. While these changes have increased the industry’s efficiency, they have also given rise to a new set of problems that include theft of patients’ data. He […]
    Prince Kapoor
  • Geisinger’s KeyHIE to Deploy FHIR-Based Imaging App Across Network
    Key Highlights – Geisinger’s KeyHIE has selected Life Image to become the first in the nation to implement FHIR-based imaging app to share diagnostic content in the provider portal. – From the KeyHIE provider portal, doctors can call up a patient’s medical imaging directly through the Life Image Viewer app and examine it while reading the diagnostic report w […]
    Fred Pennic
  • Guest Article: Investing in the future of healthcare
    Having access to the latest healthcare equipment and technology plays a crucial part in providing effective patient care. However, many hospitals can struggle to afford this equipment and technology and such options can seem out of reach for some healthcare providers. In this article, Penny Pinnock, Sales Manager – Healthcare & Public Sector for Siemens […]
    Sarah Sarsby
  • Why Germany becomes a top country for digital health solutions
    On 7. November 2019, the German House of Parliament passed new rules supporting digital innovation in Germany. The new rules will have a far-reaching impact on the public health insurance of the 72 million insured citizens. Physicians are able to prescribe medical apps. Telehealth offerings are planned to become the norm. Access to medical patient’s data is […]
    Ralf-Gordon Jahns
  • Doctors and nurses raise the alarm on WhatsApp being used to transmit patient medical information
    Facebook's WhatsApp has been growing in user numbers to become one of the globally dominant and most widely used messaging apps. And as such, it was only a matter of time before it found its way expanding from the casual, private userbase to professionals, even in fields such as healthcare – that must surely rank as some of the most sensitive.The websit […]
    Didi Rankovic
  • Wearable tracker study links insufficient sleep to biological aging and cardiovascular disease risk
    (SingHealth) Getting a good night's sleep is important and insufficient sleep has been linked to poor health in many studies. Analyzing data collected from wearable trackers, researchers from the SingHealth Duke-NUS Institute of Precision Medicine (PRISM) and the National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS) recently demonstrated that chronic sleep deprivation […]
  • Privileged Only: Is Digital Health Tech A Solution for Elites?
    Anish Sebastian, Co-founder and CEO, Babyscripts Healthcare disruptors are betting the farm on digital health technology, and they have the funds to validate their enthusiasm. Investments in digital health startups came in at a staggering $8.1B at the end of 2018, marking an increase of 42% from 2017. While investments are slowly beginning to level out in 20 […]
    Anish Sebastian, Co-founder and CEO, Babyscripts