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  • The evolution of the patient experience
    With the healthcare business model constantly evolving the pharmaceutical landscape, the role of healthcare providers is sure to look radically different in a few decades.
    Ian Wilcox
  • Apixio Launches AI-Powered Solution to Advance Personalized Medicine
    – Quality Identifier uses Apixio’s proprietary AI algorithms to analyze electronic medical record notes, scanned charts, and other patient documents to identify evidence of measure compliance.  – Algorithm results and supporting evidence are then presented to clinical abstractors for review in a secure web-based application. – The future of quality measureme […]
    Fred Pennic
  • Reconfigurable electronics show promise for wearable, implantable devices
    Medical implants of the future may feature reconfigurable electronic platforms that can morph in shape and size dynamically as bodies change or transform to relocate from one area to monitor another within our bodies. A group of researchers reports a silicon honeycomb-serpentine reconfigurable electronic platform that can dynamically morph into three differe […]
  • New Way of Making Superhydrophobic Microchannels for Medical Devices
    At Purdue University, engineers have created a practical way of giving tubes, microchannels, and other hollow components superhydrophobic properties. The technique will improve existing medical devices and make new ones, particularly originating from the field of microfluidics, possible. Currently, there are a number of techniques to make a surface repel wat […]
    Medgadget Editors
  • Apple announces three new Apple Watch health studies with big-name partners
    Amidst the unveiling of its newest consumer smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, the tech company said it will begin enrolling consumers into its hearing, cardiovascular and women's health studies later this year through an upcoming app.
    dave.muoio@himssmedia.com (Dave Muoio)
  • Telemedicine engages newly postpartum women in cardiovascular monitoring
    America has the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world, and it's getting worse. Since cardiovascular disease is the primary cause, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and the Magee-Womens Research Institute (MWRI) created a blood pressure home-monitoring program to rapidly detect concerning trends in postpartum […]
  • Apple will oversee new medical studies focusing on women's health, hearing, and mobility
    The announcements continue Apple's expansion into the health space, with initiatives ranging from medical studies to medical hardware and apps.
  • Oklahoma Higher Education Embraces Digital Healthcare, Gut First
    Vivante Health, inventors of the GIThrive all-in-one digital program for gut health and disease, is pleased to announce its partnership with Oklahoma Higher Education Employee Interlocal Group (OKHEEI).
  • Pioneering new online diabetes course could prove “important milestone” in educating patients
    The Quality Institute for Self-management Education and Training (QISMET) has given health educator The Sound Doctor national accreditation for its new online diabetes course, helping affirm its status as a helpful, educational tool for diabetes patients. Providing users with an interactive and engaging online experience, the structured and educational diabe […]
    Sarah Sarsby
  • H|T: The Healthtech Times – The future of wearable healthtech
    The Healthtech Times is a weekly newsletter covering healthtech news from Canada and around the globe. Subscribe to H|T using the form at the bottom of this page to ensure you don’t miss out on the most important healthtech news every week! The ten winning companies of CED Fast Forward Challenge The challenge aims to strengthen the province’s entrepreneurial […]
    Caitlin Hotchkiss